The C.H.I.L.D. Organization is a foundation of supports and resources to 

families that have children with special needs and learning differences.  

Our objectives are to strengthen and advocate for the rights of those 

with challenges and differences through education and awareness with the 

goal of having all children celebrate success.



Millions of American children struggle daily in schools, social environments and even home settings because of a learning difference. 




All of these children can learn, however children do not come with a manual which explains that they learn differently, hence the term learning disability.


A learning disability is a neurological disorder that negatively impacts a personís ability to receive, store, process and/or produce information.  The disability can affect reading, writing, spelling, math computation, organizational skills, attention skills and social behavior.  It is so important that parents become enlightened parents and take the appropriate steps and interventions that will help their child succeed. 

Not responding to a child that is struggling over and over again can manifest into very serious problems if appropriate steps and interventions are not taken to help these children.  Many times varying strategies may include the entire family.  

With understanding and enlightenment, parents and teachers can implement the right supports to help empower their children and students to achieve success!







                The Vision


The way in which some children are "hardwired" affects the way they process ALL information.  Therefore in many instances, the disability is invisible and it is the effects that are seen.