The C.H.I.L.D. Organization and their Chapters reserves the right to make changes to policies at any time without notice



Usage of this website is for the express purpose of education, and/or seeking resources and information to help children, students, parents, caregivers, teachers and professionals working with children.  Contact with The CHILD Organization is private and confidential.  Emails are private and confidential.  At no time is any private or personal information shared.  

Meetings are publicly available and participation is voluntary.  Program dates, topics, location and speakers are subject to change or even cancellation.  Attendants are strongly recommended to RSVP for the current program as seating may be limited.  However, seating cannot be guaranteed.

Registration for a Family is for one year commencing from September thru August.  Professionals can register with CHILD for one or both semesters. A Registered Professional qualifies to earn one certificate of Professional Development Hours for each authorized CHILD program they physically attend as it is originally presented.  

Rebroadcasts at any time DO NOT QUALIFY for certificates.  

CHILD’s Professional Development Hours Certificates must include authorized signature.



The CHILD Organization does not make any direct or implied warranties or guarantees about any of its authorized chapters or venues at any time.   Furthermore, regarding ALL 3rd parties, The CHILD Organization nor any of its authorized chapters DO NOT make any direct or implied guarantees about 3rd party behaviors, services, publications, business or educational practices, evaluations, tests, client or patient care.  At no time are any social, emotional, medical or educational successes for your child guaranteed and implied.  Parents, caregivers and professionals working with children, etc., that attend live, participate online or view previously recorded authorized CHILD programs do so at their own responsibility and acknowledgment that The CHILD Organization or its chapters and affiliates make no promises as to any future outcome regarding their child, family member or client/patient.

Any involvement or activity with this website, or any other authorized CHILD Chapter websites or their authorized activities anywhere, does not constitute any substitute for medical, therapeutic, educational or legal representation, care or advise.  Furthermore, it does not form any base for a client relationship with The C.H.I.L.D. Organization, authorized Chapters, 3rd parties, or C.H.I.L.D. presenters.