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 Throughout the year C.H.I.L.D. organizes and provides workshops that promote education, maximizes teaching, furthers awareness and is a NJ State registered provider of Professional Development Hours for teachers and other professionals.

Our programs provide resources, specific strategies and supports for parents, teachers 

and other specialists that work with children 

with and without LDs  because its not about 

Special Education,  it is however, 

all about Good Teaching!

Gotschall Graphic

The late 

Elaine Gottschall, Biochemist, Cellular Biologist  & Author of 

Breaking The Vicious Cycle

Dr. Michael Fowlin

 Psychologist  & Creator 


You Don't Know Me Until You Know Me productions

Dr. Ilyse O'Desky Neuropsychologist & Director of the Neuropsychological Testing Center, known for her work with children's learning & behavior to their brain structures & systems

Bringing in outside presenters, many topics of need and interests are covered, i.e. ADD/ADHD, Bullying, Nutrition, Sensory Integration, Dyslexia, Aspergerís, etc. Our special guests have been, but are not limited to Authors sharing specific Expertise, Doctors, Specialists, Therapists, Clinicians, Learning Consultants, Attorneys and other Professionals renown in their field, who work with children or provide services to them or their families.


CHILD provides workshops designed for parents, teachers and related 

professionals interested in optimizing success for their child and students.

All are invited to our monthly workshops

Please RSVP for the current program so our planners can ensure that there is sufficient seating and adequate supply of materials for all.   If you would like CHILD to plan a venue for you, please contact us.

See You There!

When the right tools are combined

with a purpose, a plan and a goal, 

ALL things are possible!



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